About us

118menu was launched in late 2008 after many months of careful planing. This site was made by real people just like you , not robots , clever monkeys or some large corporation.

We aim to have over 7000 takeaways available to order from by 2012 want to help?

Supported by Pepsi, our Mums and you guys.

Why did you start 118menu?

We wanted a quick and easy way to order takeaway without having to make any phone calls, being limited to the few tattered out of date paper menus we had shoved in the kitchen drawer, hunting down the back of the sofa for change to pay the driver or having on occasion to have some tiresome phone calls, oh did we mention the phone calls already?. There had to be a better way.

Plus after a night out we couldn't find a takeaway that was open and it did our head in. 9 months later volia 118menu was born!

Please tell me more.....

Not only do we want to provide everyone who orders on 118menu a great experience, but we also want all the takeaways and restaurants we promote to benefit from the site. After all are providing the technology for them to grow their businesses!